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Scram for Cats History

Enviro Protection Industries Company (EPIC) is the developer of America’s Finest™ all-natural, granular nuisance-animal repellents for Deer, Rabbits, Moles and Gophers. Because these products worked so well at protecting gardens, trees and lawns from these foraging animals,

“Loyal users of our wild-animal repellents urged us to come up with an all-natural solution to the problem of unrestrained dogs and cats. As we developed and tested repellents for these pets, we realized early on that we would get the best possible results by creating a custom formula for each animal. Dogs and cats behave differently, and have unique likes and dislikes. We have refined this behavior-modification approach during our many years of developing the best repellents for specific nuisance animals. The result is a product line that leads the industry.”   
– David Cuddeback, President, EPIC

Scram for Cats was developed in conjunction with EPIC’s other domestic species repellent, Scram for Dogs.

Scram for Cats and Scram for Dogs won a prestigious Retailers’ Choice Award Blue Ribbon from the North American Retail Hardware Association (NRHA) at the 2010 National Hardware Show in Las Vegas.

We invite you to order your own bag of Scram for Cats and begin enjoying the benefits of this natural cat repellent.

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