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Indoor Plant Protection

Indoor PlantThere is no doubt that Scram for Cats will protect your outdoor flowers and plants from your cat. We even back this claim up with our 100% Money Back Guarantee. But you may have noticed that our granular repellents are for outdoor use only. So what are some ways that you can keep your cat from chewing on your houseplants? Or in some cases, using your planters as an alternative to their litter box?

Some suggest keeping indoor plants out of reach of your pet. But when it comes to cats, which are quite agile when it comes to jumping and climbing, it may be difficult to find places that are out of reach. Many times it is simply not practical nor aesthetically pleasing to base your interior design decisions on the few out-of-reach places available.

A more thoughtful option is to provide a plant just for your feline friend. Since cats prefer to chew on “cat grass” or catnip, providing this in a flowerpot for them is an effective way to keep them away from your other plants. Apparently, catnip has many beneficial uses for people, as well. This article that refers to “catnip tea” offers some additional uses: Catnip and Nightmares.

Other ways to keep the cat out of your indoor flora involve the use of things that you may have been throwing away almost every day. Sprinkling coffee grounds or citrus peelings in your flower pots will keeps cats away due to their dislike of these scents. This would need to be done on a regular basis to maintain their effectiveness.

Keeping your cat out of the soil could be as simple as covering it with stones or broken shells (but not glass!). You may even appreciate the new look that this solution presents.

As you can see there are several inexpensive options to help protect your indoor plants and, therefore, maintain the peace between you and your cat inside the house. For all of your outdoor cat and other nuisance animal problems, check out the full line of America’s FinestTM  Granular Repellents for Cats, Dogs, Deer, Rabbits, Moles, Gophers, and even Snakes.

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