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Boost your sales (and profits!) by offering a cat repellent that really works!

EPIC, maker of Scram for Cats granular repellent, offers you an unparalleled opportunity to share in the success of America’s Finest Granular Repellent line of products, while building your reputation among home gardeners and professional landscapers.
Scram for Cats’ Sales & Service Support stand out above the competition:
  • Scram for Cats' product features blow away all other commercial cat repellents!
  • Scram for Cats' price incentives and programs increase sales and profits!
  • Scram for Cats' point-of-purchase support programs improve customer service!
  • Scram for Cats features FREE customer product help and support!
  • Scram for Cats features a 100% Money-Back Guarantee!

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