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Scram for Cats™


You’ve worked hard to create a beautiful garden. It is admired by friends and neighbors . . . and cats! It was not a fancy, floral litter box that you envisioned when you meticulously planted each bulb in just the right spot. Protect your bulbs, your hard work and your health with Scram for Cats granular cat repellent. The specially formulated, organic cat repellent that naturally trains cats to keep out of your garden, away from your bushes and trees, or completely off your lawn. Our unique organic formula provides strong, natural repelling power without harming people, pets or the environment.  America’s Finest™ cat repellent works faster, is more effective and is less expensive per square foot than other cat repellants on the market.

Scram for Cats is:

From the maker of America’s Finest™ Natural Repellents, including:

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How Does Scram for Cats Work?
Scram for Cats organic cat repellant contains plant-based aromatic oils and other natural ingredients which are highly effective in keeping both domestic and feral (wild) cats away from treated areas. The ingredients in Scram for Cats are specially formulated based on EPIC’s years of experience developing repellents from a behavior-modification approach. In other words, the cats are not only repelled by this product, they are trained to continue to avoid treated gardens, shrubs, trees, and lawns.

For more information see “What Is Scram for Cats?” and our Frequently Asked Questions page.

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